Thursday, March 23, 2017

East Meets West at RA exhibitions (82)

You say you want a Revolution

One of the fortunate by-products of my volunteering is that I'm able to get entry to some rather fantastic exhibitions and Museums.

I've not been to the RA (The Royal Academy) before but chance to see two sides of difficult challenges (East Versus West) felt like a real opportunity.

Started off with Revolution (It's in the air as recent V&A and the current Design Museum exhibition suggests).

The West takes on the East

Not at all sure that the layout and curation of the Russian  Art is wholly successful and as we know the way it all goes perhaps a video of 'Political' prisoners who were (generally) executed could be considered a little heavy handed.

 Noticed that BBC Newsnight's Steven Smith was looking  around the   'Revolution' exhibition - which I felt in places was a  bit depressing  to see.
Really nice pictures

In fact a reminder of how it all began to go wrong even before Lenin's death  and then with Stalin as boss those in the countryside and Artists began to suffer.

Having said that it was a revelation to find new artists and  some good stuff  from Kadinsky and Chagall for example and there were some film clips from influential pioneers like  an excerpt from Vertov's Man with a Movie Camera .

Great to see pictures by Kuzma Petrov-Vodkin with his quirky use of colour - a favourite being the  Petrograd Madonna (1920) and thought the Girl in Football Shirt (1932) by Alexander Samokhvalov looked almost contemporary.

America after the Fall

This was a more manageable sized  and optimistic group of works.

Greatly  enjoyed seeing the Edward Hoppers  (Gas and New York Movie) and  Grant Woods' curious American Gothic (as I've been reminded of before) though in the America- After The Fall exhibition.

Very clear that the USA at this time was looking to Europe for inspiration with examples of surrealism and an early (non splattered) Pollock.


£105 90

Still Doors from the West End..

Well it was new once

Another posh looking door

Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Count Arthur at Richmond Theatre (81)

Count Arthur Strong as seen in Hull Open

On Sunday we had an outing to Richmond Theatre to see the legendary (in his own mind anyway) -Count Arthur Strong.

It was a reminder of our visit to Hull but also to when we saw him before as a solo performer, nearly four years ago (and he doesn't look any older).

To be honest I preferred the earlier show (but then it's likely to be that it's either better or worse) - the supporting characters didn't add and the activity around the curtain being stuck/not rising  felt a little bit of a cliché - and went on too long.

Highlights were though Arthur singing 'Lovely Day' and some of his dance moves - generally audience were appreciative and it was a nice way to spend a Sunday evening. (Here's a clip of Arthur).

That classic Frank Martcham  theatre design as seen in Richmond.

£104 55


Wimpole on high

Another moneyed door

Tuesday, March 21, 2017

At London's Courtauld Gallery (80)

I like the story around this picture by Richard Long 
Very appreciative of how well served we London residents are in terms of leisure and cultural activity opportunities - yesterday after seeing some friends who will show in BEAT 2017 (Ealing's Art Fair mentioned yesterday) I went and had some time at the Courtauld Gallery - pat of Somerset House.

There are some marvellous works on show, a lot of Seurat's paintings and The Bar at The Folies Bergere  by Edouard Manet  always calls attention  but what was a bit of a surprise was Richard Long's influential and relatively modern   A Line Made by Walking (1967)

So many galleries are incredibly crowded and taking time to enjoy savour and the experience is not always easy but The Courtauld on a wet Monday (when you can get reduced entrance too) worked really well.

So much in Somerset House
A tasteful and cultured  venue 


£103 34

Around the world Harley Street has a reputation for high class Doctors - some of the doors reinforce this too.

Famed  for its medical professionals 

Impressive - As it should be

Monday, March 20, 2017

Ealing arts - BEAT 2017 get your applications in ..(79)

Tim Layden talks to visitors  

Last year had a genuinely lovely experience as part of the first Ealing Art Trail - got to spend time in a nice venue with Tim Layden, Gordon Cookson and (the near legendary) John Kaye  -at the Orchard Café in West Eaing (Thanks Mandie).

We're not sure that the same chance will be on offer this year but would encourage people with work to show during the two w/es and to get involved.

Here's all the stuff you'll need..

John adds up his takings

Gordon - There's a season (Turn Turn Turn) 

£102 20


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