Sunday, April 16, 2017

Tim Bourne is on holiday!

Hello Granddad
Reminders of holidays - my Granddad used to have a proper mug like this one and my brother collected blue pottery!

See you in 10 days or so

£145 15 should cover things 'til I git beck 

Friday, April 14, 2017

John Latham - a major figure? (104)

The Gallery
On Tuesday after my final session of the CityLit exhibiting course decided to stop off at Serpentine Gallery on the way back home - I generally enjoy the visits to this gallery not only because of the fantastic location but also because of the artists they show and the scale of the two galleries - the Sackler often providing new items in a unique setting.

The headline figure is a British artist (although born in Zambia) who was anew name to me - seems he'd been important but not a headliner grabber the way some of his contemporaries were - his name John Latham and in fact he only died about 10 years ago at the age of 84.
Books lovely books
A strongly coloured work

Latham worked in a variety of styles but much of his work considered the importance of books (it is said as a reaction the the destruction of some by Nazis).

As well as 'retinal art' though he was associated with the Fluxus group (the group included Yoko Ono and Gustav Metzger) and was a radical figure - subsequently his studio in Peckham has become an exhibition space and I hope to visit it soon.

More work from Latham

Latham even had something of a philosophical idea that he called Event Structure -

Deep or what?
Here's a clip where people who knew him speak about him and  his work -

(N.B. Skoob is Books backwards).


Another £1.10 takes us to  £135 15p

It's in Argyle Road W13 and perhaps not a duplicate road?

And hiding behind the car a nice Stained glass job

Thursday, April 13, 2017

Hanging around at Questors Grapevine ( 103 a revisit I'm afraid)

So Tim Layden and I ably assisted by his Mum got to grips with our exhibition space this morning.

Tim has 12 images about the months of the year and I too have focused on 'Time' .

Three Glassy pictures 
And two with people

Covent Garden and Chinatown/ Soho 

It's interesting to see the planning come to life - I've added labels and there are brochures and business cards.

The other Tim's work is on the long wall and provides a nice counterpoint - if you're in West London do pop in and take a look.

Some of the year as described by Tim Layden in a mixture of materials 

And then a drink

And it's £134 05


A touch of the Gordons

Gold above the door

Wednesday, April 12, 2017

'More is More' and the Last Photo' Exhibition session along with planning (No 102)

Yesterday we had the last of our Exhibiting Photography course - it was good to get the opportunity to try out what we had been exposed to and I'm optimistic that I could have a visit from our course tutor Shirley Read an expert in Photographic Curation.

My inclination is somewhat against the times to say 'more is more'.

I have the following provisional line up for tomorrow.

As you enter from the left - 3 with galss 

And next to them - people

On the other side of the arch - 3 featured works showing my images if what I think is A Cosmopolitan City  - starting with 'Covent Garden' then hopefully the red images will draw the eye.

And  then 3 bigger pictures - with a certain 'distance' to them.

And now with the new £1 coin - £133.03

We'll find out how it looks in the next day (and Tim L's too)

The photographs are taking me back to my 'red' project  - oddly the first of a rather excellent short series by  Wayne Hemingway's 'Owning Colour - Red on Radio 4 also had that effect.


I like Gordon Road

A revisited road but a new door