Thursday, September 21, 2017

Looking back on BEAT 2017

Well the BEAT  2017 , Ealing Open Studios was I think largely a positive experience for me - a great opportunity to talk to new people about activities around Photography and other creative endeavours - really appreciated that some of my friends came to see me (Thanks so much to Norman & Sandra, Nick & Susana, John, Nev and Ed).

Planning is worthwhile

I was able to use some of my knowledge from an earlier  CityLit course in terms of planning how I displayed my Photos' which was good.

Ladies who look

Also great that Tim Layden (my co- conspirator from earlier in the year)  had some of his work on show and was able to come down and be part of the 2nd w/e.

It was incredibly kind  of Viv (and Greg) to invite in a few of us 'Waifs and Strays' to share her space.

As well as people I know there were loads of people who were obviously talented in many ways - some top notch photographers and people who just like being part of the whole event.

We have a general meeting of the BEAT participants and a party to look forward to - I'm hoping that we can get more involvement from other parts of the Borough it feels currently like Acton, Greenford and Southall  are under represented and we need edgier stuff as well as  more younger people too.

Nice that some exhibitors became visitors this year too.
Ealing Park Tavern- A varied menu and plenty of time to chat 

I'm genuinely excited when someone wants something I've done and when one guy wanted a card (just £3.00) I almost paid him rather than received it.

A Meal at the Ealing Park Tavern on Sunday evening was a super way of celebrating the whole experience.

Thursday, September 14, 2017

Getting set for BEAT 2017 w/e 2

Well the new improved Open Studios in Ealing (BEAT) is starting up again tomorrow and one of the refinements that's been added is the chance for participating exhibitors to open to each other - on Tuesday we were able to welcome a handful of  people which was rather nice.

Also it was rather nice to see John Kaye coverage in Ealing Today supplemented with some mention of the younger participants including yours truly in one of his fetching T-Shirts (a right old Trompe-l'œil).

If you get the chance do visit venue 57 and you'll see Doors, Utilities and more Red images than you can shake a stick at as well as some framed and hung prints (at giveaway prices).

A Couple of my pictures

Banners in the Borough

Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Sporadic - BEAT 2017 w/e 1

So the Sporadic here is more about me than the event which would better be described as Steady.
Gordon Road sign

Whereas my Blogging of late is Sporadic, this could of course be a good thing -anyway more on that later.

Back to BEAT 2017, the second of Ealing's Open Studios.

Photo's on show

Last year Mandie at the Orchard Café took a number of lost souls under he wing and by and large we had quite a jolly time - this year those nomads (or most of them) are finding a temporary home in Gordon Road with Ceramicist Viv Phelan  one of the originators of the event.

Ceramics -A Granddad who lost his wife
(she was sold)

I suppose the main thing that I get from this and other chances to show my photo's is a chance to talk about what I do and also engage with what others do - this year (weekend 1)  there was a fantastically wide selection of personalities - some with there own views and some who just came to look.
Gordon Cookson - Wood-turner 

In main Tim Layden is absent as he has taken a new teaching post in Milton Keynes but he's planning to be around for w/e 2 (Saturday and Sunday) - having got to know Tim a bit (and exhibit with him as half of the 2 Tims) I'm happy to speak a little about his work but it'll be nice to see him talking about it.

2 old 'So & Sos' make a nice present

Of course it's nice to sell prints too but (oddly) I feel a bit sad now when they go (although of course I can reprint).

Tuesday, September 05, 2017

BEAT Prep 2017

So in some ways it's hard to believe that a year has passed since the inaugural Ealing OPEN Studios (aka BEAT) - 2017 is with us from this Friday for 2 weekends and Wednesday 6th sees t he launch event.
A series of prints

This year I'm exhibiting with  Viv Phelan in Gordon Road Ealing (no 71) and also again with  Gordon Cookson a wood-turner and we'll also be featuring work from Dr Timothy Layden who was part of the Orchard Café experience (OPEN Ealing).

I'm hoping to take pictures of our visitors during the time we're open (Friday afternoon through to Sunday) and tomorrow we'll be setting up-   I hope to show some video things too

Sadly Helen Duff is struggling to be able to be around for her part of the event but (as a testament to her own kindnesses) she's able to get some of her good friends  to help out.

The other highlight will be John Kaye (in Cavendish Avenue w13)with over 70 years of work to select from.

Something about doors

More about the event over the next week or so.

Losing People

Sadly  the most certain thing is that we'll none of use be here forever - when you hear of people about your own age passing away it is of course a reminder of this - what can we do? Try and be an okay person when we're around I suppose.
GP 14 (dot .org)

On the subject of passing away - maybe it's more of a passing on reminders of those we've  lost are always there- this today reminded me of my dad who sadly died over 20 years ago - once a keen sailor his Sailing Dinghy was a GP 14 (general purpose 14 footer) called 'Born Free'.