Wednesday, November 20, 2013

A history of the Beatles course starts

Monday evening was an occasion for me to join with like minded folk and Beatles academic lecturer David Harrison to muse on the significance of the Beatles and the cultural phenomenon that they were/are.

What I got from the session was what was around at the time 1962/3 the Beatles emerged nationally  musically and socially. The other factors included the fortune of being managed and produced by Brian Epstein and George Martin respectively.

The Covers continue to reference art

Mid period cover
David is an interesting chap with a background in Jazz and teaching, he pointed out rightly that the group was a repository of much information and also supplemented the talk with excerpts from the Anthology series as well as playing pieces on Ukulele and Electric Piano.
Listening to early tracks the limited musical palette that the 'boys' were working with was apparent but so too was the enthusiasm and vibrancy.
How difficult it is to relive those black & white days that epitomized limited horizons and narrow mindedness, Early Beatles album covers were typical product but soon they reflected the art of the time, working with such artists as Peter Blake and Richard Hamilton- even now McCartney continues to reflect Art in the more limited medium of a CD cover (NEW being an example of a cover influenced by Dan Flavin)
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