Saturday, July 11, 2015

Another book, another course and Dicken's Yard Progresses

A different sort of book

We take a lot of things for granted and some of these things that we take for granted can slip away from us - I'm talking here about Public Libraries here but could be talking about Malcolm the central figure of  a book I borrowed the other week from  Ealing Library it's called Painter man and is written   by Jeff Phelps - it's in some ways a difficult read but there's humour in the telling too.

What was great about visiting the library was the opportunity to take a punt - I borrowed a few books if a couple are good that's fine the Waterstones (or Amazon) experience is not the same.
What a library gives you

I fear that in a few years time the 'Library' will be marginalised  and the transactions around reading will be even more commercial - here's something about what libraries do, are and are valued.

City Lit Photography.

A Photo' that says London

Last year in the summer/spring  I joined a group with City Lit leadership  visiting Art galleries this year I've enrolled on a short (5 week) course of Evening photography of London districts - I'm looking forward to getting different things from my camera and seeing more of London.

Dicken's Yard

Work on the new commercial and residential development is continuing at quite a pace - I took a few pictures - those where there's a person or persons in there  gives you an idea of the scale of the project - a lot of money involved and Crossrail definitely contributory factor.

Almost monumental
Cranes are named after the birds

A scale is provided by the 2 figures

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