Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Art in Town and Red 286

Why not Mosaic at CityLit -  Angela Davis perhaps?

After Philosophy and Psychoanalysis course on Monday (more on that later) and  having noticed some nice Mosaics at the City Lit I spent some time at The National Gallery.
It'll be worth a visit.

As well as the works there, exhibitions to come, works inspired by the works  (by Frank Auerbach most pleasing to me ) there were some more interesting than usual things outside the Gallery. (and in the bookshop too).
Frank was clearly inspired by Seurat's bathers.

Some more  pictures illustrate the time...

The Homeless Bard has something to say
Hang This - An artist engages

I want these

Red 286

My (not Mao's) little-ish red book - it's one of a selection of notebooks (not all red) that I write things in for later reference or research.

A strange and unlikely extension of my memory

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