Thursday, February 23, 2017

At Tate Modern with painters (54)

In this age of Photography and with a history behind us (largely) of great painting  of course the question can be asked is painting over?

Well James took us around some Modern painting to see the direction Modern artists have taken painting and hanging works (generally on canvas) in.

Course Leader James stands next to 'Los Moscos' by US artist Mark Bradford
The work above is much influenced by the neighbourhood and maps. It is large and  is about Los Angeles, made of paper Fragments which the artist connects with memory.

Unusually the artist a Black American  is a qualified hairdresser who graduated in Art at the age of 30.

More about this visit, the fourth of the  CityLit course soon.
£72. 50 (once)

As we're away for a few days I've added £5 to cover the next days.


Hidden away there you can just about see it's Mattock Lane

The steps make it imposing

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