Thursday, February 02, 2017

Habits and (33)

I've noticed that in the air  there's interest and a popular book about habit -Charles Duhigg is the author of the book (The Power of Habit)  that I've become aware of and he's got a nice Ted Talk out there too.
I really like this picture - it comes out
of the habit of taking a picture each day

I suppose one of the things I've done, almost subconsciously over the last 4 plus years is develop habits - one (and a major one) is blogging you can look back and see that's the case.

The other is taking photo's - which ties into the blogs, building on this I've done '365 Red Photos' and am now chronicling 'Doors' looking at this the rewards I'm getting are sort of ethereal and wouldn't appeal to a youngster - this putting a small amount of money into a pot each day might - look I'm about on twelfth into the year and I've got about £45 - I'll have over £500 at the end of the year, it's my money but it feels like I can buy myself a nice camera at the end of the year out of pretty much nothing.

So this is a look at a habit from one point of view - almost a CBT angle - interesting too though is finding out what happens in the brain and modern science means we can see some of the neurological activity as a 'habit' becomes embedded- I gusee this could be useful in helping people whose habits are seriously detrimental to them at some level.

£45.38 - from my new habit


Another location that connects to our royals

A house that is semi-detached 

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