Monday, February 27, 2017

Hull- Nice place and another book finished (58)

Made to feel welcome in Hull

Well We continue to find out more about the UK by visits and chatting with people when we can.

Hull as City of Culture is very welcoming. Last night we went and took a look at the Great Thornton Street Flats - residents there have transformed the nigh landscape with simple application of filters.

A small action can transform a residential estate into something welcoming and human 

other highlights include the powerful Wilberforce House Museum - reminder of the actions Great Britain took to end slavery, including 'Sugar strike' which held firm despite our well known sweet tooth.

Wilberforce was unhappy with his nose

A powerful message about slavery

The worrying thing is that slavery still exists 

[Oh yes and the break has given me the chance to read Grayson's Book Playing to the Gallery , from his Radio 4 Reith Lecture series of nearly 4 years ago- very good read.]

Back on the game with £74


Liking this door in Northcote Avenue -it's seen some life too

Norhtcote Avenue in W5

Brown and knocked about.

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